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Rin on the Rox February 8, 2009

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Rin on the Rox are two singers that are very popular on Youtube (look at the numbers of views). We can say that they are amateur artists. They sing popular songs like “Better in Time” from the British artist Leona Lewis.

This group is related to Popular culture since they are part of the YouTube phenomena. In one of their videos, they are singing “Foolish” which is a song from the R&B singer Ashanti. This particular song is related to a concept that is mentionned in Goodwin’s book on page:79 called repetition. In every pop songs there is the element of repetition.

On page 79, it says:”First, pop songs are based on the repetition of elements such as the verse and chorus within any given song, and on the repetition of lyrics…” (page:79).Ashanti’s song that is performed by the girls of Rin on The Rox is in link with this concept. I chose this song because I wanted to show that it is totally the opposite of the concept of repetition. When we hear the song, we don’t hear the word “Foolish” once. The lyrics more specifically the chorus, is always repeated at least more than 4 times during the whole song.

[Critic of the Video]
Moreover, I chose to show Rin on the Rox instead of Ashanti’s original video because these girls are really good performers/singers. It is very interesting to see on YouTube that there are people who sings very well and not always people who are doing parody of songs.


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