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Nothin’ On You April 25, 2010

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B.O.B’s album in stores TOMORROW!



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Glee is a fun show, where the “Glee Club” are singing popular songs. I like the show!

One of my favorite episode is “The Power of Madonna”:) Madonna is a genius, yes she is getting “old” but her music is still good. I prefer the “old Madonna”  with “Like a Prayer”, “Material Girl”, “Vogue”  etc… I like her!!!!!!!!!!

Madonna= constant evolution….

Glee–comparison of “Vogue” 🙂


Tie My Hands April 20, 2010

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Lil’Wayne ft Robin Thicke-Tie My Hands (from The Carter III)

Tie My Hands Lyrics

Robin Thicke:
we are at war
with the universe
the sky is falling
and the only thing that can save us now
is sensitivity
and compassion
(da da da dadada da da da x2)
but i know one thing is for sure
i’m gonna get my kicks before it all burns down

Lil Wayne:
yeah, some say tragedies is hard to get over
but sometime that tragedy means its over
soldier, from the academy legal frolers
i deny being down though they seen the holers
my shoulders is strong i prove them wrong
i aint doing nothing but moving on
let the truth be known
but they talk that freedom matters and didn’t even leave a latter

Robin Thicke:
i work at the corner store we all got problems, problems
who was gon’ fight alone
no one’s gonna save us now
how you feel you’re not alone
we’re all just jealous, jealous
we don’t reach the sky no more
we jus can’t overcome, no
you tie my hands
what am i gonna be
what have i done so bad
what is my destiny
you tie my hands
what am i s’posed to see
what have i done so bad
what am i gonna be

Lil wayne:
i knock on the door
hope isnt home
faith’s not around the luck’s all gone
dont ask me whats wrong
ask me whats right
and i’ma tell you whats life
and did you know
i lost everything but i ain’t the only one
first came the hurricane then the morning sun
excuse me if i’m on one and dont trip if i light one
i walk a tight one
they try tell me keep my eyes open
my whole city under water some ppl still floatin’
and they wonder why black ppl still voting
Cuz your president still chokin
take away the football team the basketball team
now all we got is me to represent New Orleans.
no governor, no help from the mayor
jus a steady beatin heart and a wish and a prayer
let’s pray

Robin Thicke:
these friends they come and go
but i got family, family
these kids so fast they grow they learn so quickly now
that there’s no where to go that there’s no future, future
dont make the seem so low
and we can’t overcome now.
tie my hands
what are we gonna be
what have i done so bad
what is my destiny
you tie my hands
what am i s’posed to see
what have i done so bad
what am i gonna be

Lil Wayne:
and if you come from under that water, then that’s fresh air
just breathe baby God’s got a blessing to spare
yes i know the process is so much stress
but its the progress that feels the best
Cuz i came from the projects straight to success
and you’re next so try
they can’t steal your pride its inside.
then find it and keep on grinding
Cuz in every dark cloud theres a silver lining, i know.

[spoken]yeah yeah yeah.
see, right now we jus ridin on love
a shinin dark
we aint tryin’a do nothing but be at the heart.
we need love
that’s all

Robin Thicke:
love will come,
tie my hands
what am i gonna be
what have i done so bad
what is my destiny
tell you, tie my hands
what am i s’posed to see
what have i done so bad
what am i gonna be

Lil  Wayne [spoken]:
born right here in the usa but due to tragedey
looked on, by the whole world as a refugee
so accept my emotion do not take it as an offensive gesture
its just the epitomy of my soul
and i must be me
we got spirit y’all
we got spirit
we got soul y’all
we got soul
they don’t want us to see
but we already know

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Celebration of Canadian Music :JUNOS 2010 April 19, 2010

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 The  Young Money rapper Drake perform his new song “Over” (which is one of my favorite songs right now). I watching the performance and I was happy with what I saw since Dreezy Drake made a good performance but the crowd wasn’t really into it. He was so concentrated and in another world we could see that he was happy to be there and wanted to deliver a great performance.

This performance is nothing like the one he did at the Grammy’s 2010 with Lil’Wayne and Eminem. Drake as talent, he even won in the best “Rap Recording Album” so his mixtape “So Far Gone”.. He won for a mixtape?!? Really?? Yes he did. His first album is not even out yet…Woww.!!

Also, he performed with Justin Bieber……

Finally, Mr. Toronto Dreezy Drake as talent, hope he doesn’t go crazy with all fame he as….Can’t wait for the album to come out!!!!


K’Naan, I already made a post about him..But I need to say that he won awards too like “Songwriter of the Year”  for Wavin’ Flaag and “Artist of the Year”.

Canada’s as talent and we need to recognize it!!!

For more information on the winner go to:


I am in LOVE with HEDLEY! April 17, 2010

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The Canadian musical scene as good artists/groups like : Fefe Dobson, Nelly F., Simple Plan and………….H-E-D-L-E-Y!!!

The group is from Vancouver, BC and the lead singer Jacob Hoggard was a contestant on Canadian Idol. They are representing CANADA yayy! I like their music, their new album “The Show must go” as good songs like “Cha-Ching”:)…..My favorite song from this album is PERFECT!

I’m not perfect but I keep trying
‘Cause that’s what I said I would do from the start
I am not alive if I’m lonely
So please don’t leave
Was it something I said or was it just my personality


Did I already said that I love this Diva?!? April 9, 2010

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I’m just going to say it again  and again…I LOVE MISS MARY J BLIGE!:)

This is her new song featuring Jay Sean called “Each Tear”. It’s a powerful song, it made me think about life,problems ect… Oh ya..this is my new song that I have to include on my IPOd with the other Mary J’s songs that I have!

In each tear
there’s a lesson, (there’s a lesson)
Makes you wiser than before (wiser)
Makes you stronger than you know (stronger)
In each tear (each tear)
Brings you closer to your dreams
No mistake, no heartbreak
Can take away what your meant to be…

That’s my favorite part of the song…

You’re much more than a struggle that you go through
You’re not defined by your pain, so let it go…
You’re not a victim, you’re more like a winner
And you’re not in defeat, you’re more like a queen

Miss MJB is always representing for the ladies!!!

I need to see her in concert but WHEN?