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Lyrics and Imagery February 15, 2009

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All music videos have a concept that is related to the lyrics of a song. A video that does not have a concept can be confusing and weird. So, a video should have a concept that is link to the lyrics of the songs.

In Andrew Goodwin`s book on the chapter of «The Structure of Music Video» it says: «This idea needs to be related to the music, as well as the song`s lyrical message, but it should be clear that visual images do indeed tend to follow a musical logic» (page: 86).

The video for the song «Beautiful» from Christina Aguilera demonstrates perfectly well how the lyrics are related to the concept of the video. It shows how people can be beautiful even if they have food diseases or if they are gay or lesbian. The main message of this video is when Christina says: «We are beautiful in every single way» or «We are beautiful no matter what they say…words can`t bring us down..»

[critic of the video]
This video is very good since it shows problems of everyday life. People can relate to this video. The lyrics are very powerful. The quality of the video is good since it shows that people can “beautiful” even if they are gay or lesbian. It is a nice concept and it is one of the best song that Christina Aguilera did.


Promotion of Music:There is sometimes too much promotion

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In the music industry there is a lot of promotion of new artists and music. But, sometimes there is too much promotion. We can hear a song in the radio at least 3 or more) times a day.

Personally, I think that making promotion for a new upcoming artist is good he/she will be known by people. But when you hear that same song many times during the day, it is getting a little bit boring for the reason that it seems that it is the only song that we hear!!!!

The concept of music promotion is related page :80 of Goodwin`s book where it says: «…pop music is also based on a high degree of repetition across media site, so that any current songs can be heard on the radio, on our stereos, on television, and at the cinema» (page:80).

The song from «I Kissed a Girl» from Katy Perry is a song that we heard a lot on the radio over the summer or even nowadays we still hear it. This song get stuck in our heads since the chorus is very catchy and easy to remember!

[critic of the video]
The concept of the video could be better since we see a lot of girls in lingerie.The video is normal but not the best pop video. The quality of the video is acceptable personally, this song is a “fun” song the concept is not very original because at the last seconds of the video we see Katy Perry in her bed and she wakes up because she had a dream of her kissing a girl. It misses a little something.


Pop music- New songs???

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Popular music is a type of music that will always be popular. We can always hear it on the radio or even we can think that the song is a new one, but it is not true since the artist took the beat from another artist. This is something that we see often nowadays in the music industry.

On chapter 4 of Andrew Goodwin`s book, there is a part of the chapter that mentions how pop songs are repititive in «3 levels: within songs, between songs, and accross media sites» (page:79).

Also, it says :«..pop songs are also repetitive in their resemblance to other pop songs, drawing almost identical lyrics, melodies, riffs, rhythms, and styles of performance» (page:79).

This quote is in relation to a song from the popular singer Madonna called : «Hung Up». We can see that the background melody or the beat is originally from the goup ABBA who was popular at the Disco period. Madonna took the melody from ABBA`s song named: «Gimme, Gimme,Gimme (A Man After Midnight)». We can also, see this same phenomena in the Canadian rapper/singer Kardinal Offishal who made a song with the R&B singer Keri Hilson named: «Tide is High-Numba 1». In this particular example, we can observe that the title of the song and even the background melody of it was originally from the singer Blondie. She made a song called : «The Tide is High».

[critic of the video]
It is a good amateur video the camera wasn’t realy moving it seems professional. The technical effects and colors in this video are very good. I like this song from Madonna since it is a song that can make you move and dance. Also, Madonna is a great artist since she always creating something new.


Live Performance

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Who ever went to a concert? a music concert? It is the best experience since you are hearing your favorite songs from an artist that you appreciate a lot.

This is in direct link with to concept of «direct address» that is explained on page 78 of Goodwin`s book. He says :«…the direct address is intended to mirror the codes of lives performance, where singers sing directly to the concert hall audience» (page:78).

The artist is talking or singing directly to his/her fans (audience/viewers). For example, when Lil`Wayne came to Montreal, January 14 to perform he did many songs from his latest successful album «The Carter III». Also, he did some songs from «The Carter II» cd. Lil’Wayne did one called «Fireman» where we can see him talking directly to his audience. At the beginning of the song he is saying: «When I say More…You say fire..».

It is a good example of «direct address» since Lil`Wayne is talking directly to the audience/fans.

[critic of the video]
This is an amateur video that was made by “fans” of Lil’Wayne. The quality of the video is bizarre since it is shaking/moving a little bit. The sound is acceptable and we can see the lighting of the scene which is good since there is a lot of colours that were matching the song. There are effects, like the fire because he is singing “Fireman” from “The Carter II” album.


Product Placement

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kanye-picsIn the music world, there are many elements,objects that we the viewers/audience which to have. Every videos or most of them have products that they are selling which can be called «product placement».

Product placement is a topic that we can observe in chapter 4 of Goodwin`s book (Dancing in the Distraction Factory). The author says: «…forms and commodity promotion into the video clip-a paractice that clearly devotails with the business of «product placement» (page:94).

For example, nowadays there is an accessory that we can see in videos from Kanye West (more specifically the one with Young Jeezy named :«Put On») or even the video where we can see the rapper Lil`Wayne in Kevin Rudolph «Let it Rock» video…this accessory is a scarf that comes in every colour.  We can`t pass a day without seeing someone wearing one of these scarves..

Personally, I think that it is a good product placement for the reason that everyone as one of them and right know this scraf is popular and fashionable.


Rin on the Rox February 8, 2009

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Rin on the Rox are two singers that are very popular on Youtube (look at the numbers of views). We can say that they are amateur artists. They sing popular songs like “Better in Time” from the British artist Leona Lewis.

This group is related to Popular culture since they are part of the YouTube phenomena. In one of their videos, they are singing “Foolish” which is a song from the R&B singer Ashanti. This particular song is related to a concept that is mentionned in Goodwin’s book on page:79 called repetition. In every pop songs there is the element of repetition.

On page 79, it says:”First, pop songs are based on the repetition of elements such as the verse and chorus within any given song, and on the repetition of lyrics…” (page:79).Ashanti’s song that is performed by the girls of Rin on The Rox is in link with this concept. I chose this song because I wanted to show that it is totally the opposite of the concept of repetition. When we hear the song, we don’t hear the word “Foolish” once. The lyrics more specifically the chorus, is always repeated at least more than 4 times during the whole song.

[Critic of the Video]
Moreover, I chose to show Rin on the Rox instead of Ashanti’s original video because these girls are really good performers/singers. It is very interesting to see on YouTube that there are people who sings very well and not always people who are doing parody of songs.


Madonna Phenomena-Cool or Not Cool?

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Madonna is a great and innovative singer/performer.  She is in the music industry since the 1980’s.  In class, we were talking about her and the music videos that she made. We talked about “Material Girl” and “Justify my Love”.

In Goodwin’s book more precisely on chapter there is a part on Madonna. The author says about “Material Girl” :”Material Girl has thus been read as if its central motif (the femme fatale who uses men to gain wealth and power) is  conterminous with Madonna herself precisely because this is one of many images Madonna has portrayed in the promotion of her music” (page:101). Also, on page 100, it says “….culminating in a maturing change of gear when she became a controversial “artist”.

Madonna, is a controversial artist since she made a lot of “crazy” videos. Personally, I think that the “Madonna Phenomena” is coool. The reasons why she is popular today is because she is innovative and is always creating new things. She is still touring and she is in her 50’s for example her last tour is for the promotion of her latest cd “Hard Candy”.

[Critic of the Video]
I like the concept of the video. She is showing the “Material Girl” is different ways. Also, the song is really good. And, there are a many costumes and nice colours.