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2 in 1: Rihanna June 6, 2012

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Where have you been

Princess China-Coldplay ft Rihanna


New song from Wiz Khalifa!!!!

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Wiz Khalifa did it again!

Love his style!!!!!!!

No more to say thann.. WORK HARD PLAY HARD!

We have one life to live.. Y.O.L.O



U DA 1..(you da one) December 31, 2011

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This is my last video post of the year of 2011!

I am so ready for 2012!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s Riri with her new video “U DA 1”. The video is simple and in black and white (LOVE IT!)



Marry the Night! December 10, 2011

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Lady Gaga as a new song named  “Marry the Night”.

Miss Gaga told on the Ellen DeGeneres show that the video was inspired on her life. The video is 13:51 minutes and it shows the different events that she went trough before she became the superstar that she is!

We have to accept our strengths and weaknesses to be able to life an amazing life.

I love HER! She is unique and different!!!!!!

Thank U Gaga.

P.S:Are you going to Marry the Night?

Her interview on the Ellen show.


I was here November 22, 2011

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Beyonce’s voice in this voice is amazing like always. She has a gift and is using it to empower people. She’s a model for many girls in the world and I am one of them! I never had the chance to see her  performing in a show (but I saw Destiny’s Child-OMG one of the best show ever!)

Here’s one of my favorite song from her album “4”.


Countdown- 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2…1! October 11, 2011

Here is the new video from  Miss Knowles who will become a mommy soon :). I think she had fun in the video, she doesn’t need to prove herself anymore. I love the colors and the clothes.

P.S: she has to do a video for the song “I was here” or “start over”


4am October 9, 2011

Her name is Melanie Fiona, she is beautilful and Canadian. Her new single is “4 am”, it’s a good song.

We love miss Fiona 🙂