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Canada’s Female Singers February 24, 2010

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I had to to do a post about our Canadian singers  since I always talk about Americans Hip-Hop/R&B singers…. In Canada, there are good entertainers, singers, rappers ect. The musical scene is very diverse there’s goup like Billy Talent, Simple Plan or rappers like Kardinal Offishal, Classified or even Drake. Also, there are female singers that we need to recognize like Sarah Mc laclhan, Alanis Morisette or even the new R&B sensation Melanie Fiona.

I like Melanie Fiona, she’s not my favorite singer but I like her.I think she is going to go far, she as potential. The song “Don’t give me to me Right” is her first single and it had success but it’s still good:)

Here are videos from the female singers from Canada.

1.Melanie Fiona- Don’t Give it To Me

2.Sarah Mc laclhan- Angel (live performance)

3.Alanis Morissette- Uninvited (live performance)


Yes…Finally Mariah Carey

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The last video that  I post from Mariah Carey was not her best. Today, I’m happy to post the video from her and Mr. Ne-Yo. The song is call “Angels Cry” it’s from her latest album. I like that song and this video because we can see that she can sing, because the last song with Nicki humm it wasn’t really good.  I still miss the “old school Mariah Carey” because the “Mimi” well she is good/ok but it’s not like back in the days…..

The song is featuring Ne-Yo like I said, I like this collabo Ne-Yo is a genius, we love him!


Make it Hot

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Nicole Ray ft Missy E. -Make it Hot!

It’s an old school song I think it came out in 1999.

I still like this song!!!!:)


Lucky You! February 23, 2010

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I like this song, it’s a nice reggae song. The “vibe” is so cool!:) Who doesn’t like Reggae music?!? Well I do! This musical piece is from Nanko a reggae singer, that’s the first song that I heard from him. A friend made me discover him..

The video is not the best but it’s still a good song.

Lucky you, you’ve got a woman to go home to
I’ve got to find me myself a woman
What I wouldn’t do man
Lucky you, you’ve got some kids to attend to
I’ve got to find me myself a woman
What I wouldn’t do now


Rude Boy February 11, 2010

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Hum…Hum…Hum…I watched the new video from Riri-Rude Boy which is the 4th video from her album “Rated R” (because there was Russian Roulette, The Wait is Over, Hard ft Jeezy). Ok..,so… first, this song is ok/cool but not the best from the album. She should have done “Stupid in Love” or “Photographs featuring Will.I.Am”.  While I was watching the video it made me think about M.I.A (Remember the girl who sings Paper Plane?) because of the colours and the images.. Second, the dance in the video is (no comments lol). Third, I like the visual-colors,shoes and her hair:). Personally, I think that this video is not her best one..well..I still like Riri:)


Welcome Back Sade!!!!!!!!

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“Soldier of Love”- is her new cd that came out this week. If you like R&B/Soul music you have to listen to her. Do you remember the girl who was signing “Smooth Operator”? Well, that’s her.:)

Old School-Smooth Operator

Song from her new album-Soldier of Love


2 Words!

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“Two words” is from the first album of Kanye West ” The College Dropout” (CLASSIC). The song is featuring Mos Def and Freeway.

Kanye W. needs to do more music, he needs to come back from his break (hum…remember the Taylor Swift moment?)