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Genius Video! March 17, 2009

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There are many concepts that are related to popular culture. For example, there are the notions of reality and hyperreal. When we are talking about hyppereal we are automatically refering ourselves to Jean Baudrillard who said that “everything is manufactured” which means that the “meaning is dead”.

This notion can be related to images since in class the teacher said that “images becomes more important than meaning”. Personally, I think that to have meaning you have to get some visuals (images) for the reason that to understand something you have to get explanation that will give you meaning and with the infromations that you grasp you can relate it to images or visual.

In Grossberg book at page 225 it talks about image. The author says: “To appropriate, enjoy or invest in a particular style, image or set of images no longer necessarily implies any faith that such investments make a signficants (even affective) differences”. Also he mentions: “…we celebrate the affective ambiguity of images, images which are “well developed in their shallowness, fascinating in their emptiness.” (page 225)

These quotes are related to one of the video from Kanye West called: “Welcome to Heartbreak” featuring the rapper Kid Cudi. In this video, we can see many images, they are very ambiguous and bizarre but very interesting. Also, it makes it very different from the other videos for the reason that the choice of colour and effects are very complex. Moreover, it makes the video hard to understand.

And, it can also be related to the notion of hyppereal since “everything is manufactured” so it means that what we see is not true which not no sense to me.

[critic of the video]
I like this video because it is complex to understand. The complexity makes it fun to watch. I like the blend of colors and images. But, the concept of the song does not go with the lyrics of the song. The quality of the video is very good and the editing seems very well done. Nice video, I like it so Enjoy it!


Politics and the Power of Music March 16, 2009

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The leaders in the political world all have their ways of telling the world their ideas and philosophies. Nowadays and even before, music was included in politics to make people think about the issues of their country.

In Lawrence Gossberg’s book named “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” at chapter 6 it talks about politics and economics. Politics can be related to music since there are songs that are made particularly for political campaign. It is a manner to get people attention about politics and leaders.

Also, in this chapter it is talking about two types of music which are Rock and Rap music. On page 137 it says: “There is nothing intrinsic to its [rock music] practices (including its place vis-a-vis the “mainstream”) that guarantees that it delivers its audience to a specific polotical position” (page:137). This quote is related to rock music like we mentionned in class “politics of rock cannot predict the political position” which is true since music can inspire to do something but it can tell you for who to vote for example. Moreover, for rap music it says:”Rap is perhaps the only place in comtemporary popular music where politics is and must be constantly marked” (page:152). Rap music is a type of music that can use many words to convey an opinion about politics or other elements in life. Like I already mentionned music can insipire someone to do something but it cannot influence you to vote for someone since people have their own opinions and their own way of thinking.

For example, there was the campaign for President Obama in 2008 and there was many songs to get people more specifically young people to vote. The rapper from the group Black Eyed Peas Will.I.Am created a song called “Yes We Can” which was a good idea. On my opinion young people can relate themsleves to the speech of President Obama because it is a message of hope and courage.

Yes, politics is an important aspect of our world but we have to vote for our leaders based on our own beliefs and ideas.

[critic of the video]
I like this video because it shows politics in a new way. It shows that music can be incorporated in everything to promote politics. The quality of the video is very good for the reason that we can hear the speech of President Obama that goes with famous singers or celebrities who are doing lypsinc. I like that it is in black and white since it seems like a video that didn’t cost a lot to do. Nice video and good way to promote politics!


PCD-The Pussycat Dolls March 14, 2009

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In Grossberg book on page 100 it says: «…cultural forms may also empower women to discover new relations to their own bodies and identities…» (page:100). This quote can be related to videos where we see woman dancing and performing.

For example, there is a pop group named The Pussycat Dolls who is a group of girls who are performing burlesque. But, some indivuals are saying that their way of performing is «offensive» and «provocative». The original group was created by Robyn Antin in 1993 with her friend who wanted to do a burlesque group, her performances are taken from the 1950`s & 1960`s. Also, the dancers are wearing «lingerie» and other sexy clothes.

The girls are performing which are a way to express themselves.In class, we said that they «engage in a behaviour that is good for us but there is a negative quality of it» (it was in relation to the feminist theory). Also, Robyn Antin said in an interview that it is a way to show independent women and the empowerement of women.

So, we can say that the way that are dancing are a way to discover their bodies since the burlesque is a type of dance that is very sensual.

[critic of video]
This video from the PCD(new group who is making pop/R&B music) featuring the famous rapper Snoop Dogg called «Buttons» is a nice video in my opinion for the reason that the girls are dancing and doing the movements with precision. Also, we can see what they (the girls from PCD )can do as performers. The quality of the video is excellent since it is professional.


Emotions March 8, 2009

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Affect is a concept that is mentionned in Grossberg book (We Gotta get Out of This Place). This concept is related to feelings and emotions. The author states: ” Affect is closely tied to what we often describe as the “feeling” of life” (page:80). Moreover, in the same page it says: “Affect is a plane of effects, a matter ” actualization, effectuation, practices…an ability to affect and to be affected” (page:80).

Also, affect can be related to poetry. Poetry is an element of arts that is link to emotions, choice of words. It is very powerful since it can affect people since someone is telling a story with a lot of emotions. For example, there is a video from “Def Poetry Jam” where artists or people are telling poetry/story. There is a video from the R&B singer Alicia Keys, where she tells a poem named “Power of Words” (P.O.W). We can perceive in this video, that she is saying her poem and is into the character of a prisonner. And, there are many emotions anfd feelings that comes from it.

[critic of the video]
It is a very good poem. Miss Keys is very great at what she does, but in this video we can see that she can do other things than only singing. I like the concept of making poetry. I think there should be more poetry since it is a way to tell emotions and say what you feel! Nice concept!


Lyrics and Imagery February 15, 2009

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All music videos have a concept that is related to the lyrics of a song. A video that does not have a concept can be confusing and weird. So, a video should have a concept that is link to the lyrics of the songs.

In Andrew Goodwin`s book on the chapter of «The Structure of Music Video» it says: «This idea needs to be related to the music, as well as the song`s lyrical message, but it should be clear that visual images do indeed tend to follow a musical logic» (page: 86).

The video for the song «Beautiful» from Christina Aguilera demonstrates perfectly well how the lyrics are related to the concept of the video. It shows how people can be beautiful even if they have food diseases or if they are gay or lesbian. The main message of this video is when Christina says: «We are beautiful in every single way» or «We are beautiful no matter what they say…words can`t bring us down..»

[critic of the video]
This video is very good since it shows problems of everyday life. People can relate to this video. The lyrics are very powerful. The quality of the video is good since it shows that people can “beautiful” even if they are gay or lesbian. It is a nice concept and it is one of the best song that Christina Aguilera did.


Promotion of Music:There is sometimes too much promotion

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In the music industry there is a lot of promotion of new artists and music. But, sometimes there is too much promotion. We can hear a song in the radio at least 3 or more) times a day.

Personally, I think that making promotion for a new upcoming artist is good he/she will be known by people. But when you hear that same song many times during the day, it is getting a little bit boring for the reason that it seems that it is the only song that we hear!!!!

The concept of music promotion is related page :80 of Goodwin`s book where it says: «…pop music is also based on a high degree of repetition across media site, so that any current songs can be heard on the radio, on our stereos, on television, and at the cinema» (page:80).

The song from «I Kissed a Girl» from Katy Perry is a song that we heard a lot on the radio over the summer or even nowadays we still hear it. This song get stuck in our heads since the chorus is very catchy and easy to remember!

[critic of the video]
The concept of the video could be better since we see a lot of girls in lingerie.The video is normal but not the best pop video. The quality of the video is acceptable personally, this song is a “fun” song the concept is not very original because at the last seconds of the video we see Katy Perry in her bed and she wakes up because she had a dream of her kissing a girl. It misses a little something.


Madonna Phenomena-Cool or Not Cool? February 8, 2009

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Madonna is a great and innovative singer/performer.  She is in the music industry since the 1980’s.  In class, we were talking about her and the music videos that she made. We talked about “Material Girl” and “Justify my Love”.

In Goodwin’s book more precisely on chapter there is a part on Madonna. The author says about “Material Girl” :”Material Girl has thus been read as if its central motif (the femme fatale who uses men to gain wealth and power) is  conterminous with Madonna herself precisely because this is one of many images Madonna has portrayed in the promotion of her music” (page:101). Also, on page 100, it says “….culminating in a maturing change of gear when she became a controversial “artist”.

Madonna, is a controversial artist since she made a lot of “crazy” videos. Personally, I think that the “Madonna Phenomena” is coool. The reasons why she is popular today is because she is innovative and is always creating new things. She is still touring and she is in her 50’s for example her last tour is for the promotion of her latest cd “Hard Candy”.

[Critic of the Video]
I like the concept of the video. She is showing the “Material Girl” is different ways. Also, the song is really good. And, there are a many costumes and nice colours.