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Music is Life and Life is Music July 16, 2009

Music is a way of can answer your questions and make you think about elements of life!
Music is my joy…..
Music videos are a way to portray the message that lyrics want you to understand.
Music can be powerful…..
Music is used to connect people together….
Music tells you story of artists that want to make their voices heard!
Music is beautiful but can be depressing too…

Music is life and life is music


14 Responses to “Music is Life and Life is Music”

  1. Dave Says:


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    -David Mann

  2. So true. Great poem! 🙂

  3. believeindream Says:

    thank you:)

  4. Mau Starr Says:

    extemely beautiful!

  5. sneak7 Says:

    Nice poem I liked it a lot

  6. pickinitup Says:

    great poem. the truest

  7. Ingis Says:

    That is so true. One song can change a day, a week, a lifetime. Music can answer questions, as you said, but it can also leave you with new questions, bigger questions.
    It’s good to see people enjoy music this much!

  8. Dean Quick Says:

    music speaks to us and we speak through music.

  9. Christina Jones Says:

    Music is medicine for your soul.

  10. music its all about my life and u know that D:D:P

  11. believeindream Says:

    yes i is a big part of my life! I just LOVE IT!

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