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Only 9 years….the song is good. No hate only appreciate! October 19, 2010

Filed under: La Mode, Fashion,Colors and Style,Music,Music Videos — believeindream @ 11:00 am

Okiee..I just saw the video from Willow Smith (the daughter of Jada Pinket Smith and Will Smith). Yes, I know she is only 9 years old but she song is good. I can already imagine people in the club doing “the whip my hair move” hahahaha.

I’m scared and happy for her since she’s only 9 years old, the music industry is just crazy I don’t want her to become like Brit-Brit or Lilo (Lindsay Lohan). I don’t think she will become like that look at her parents. they will whip her a**  if she becomes like that hahaha!!!

Willow Smith is the new start of Roc Nation (Jay-z’s label), she is only 9  and she is having FUN!

No hate people only appreciate!!!!!

P.S: by the way I forgot something…I like video:) The clothes, colors, the dance moves….oh ya this song is going to be a HUGE SUCCESS!!!!!!!


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