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2010 MTV AWARDS September 13, 2010

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Yesterday was an important night in the music industry because there was the MTV AWARDS..YES the MTV AWARDS (one of the my favorite night in music after The Grammys). So, this year it was definitely the year of Miss Gaga who won video of the year for her hit “Bad Romance” and other prices (in total she won 8 wards). All night, she was wearing dresses of the Alexander McQueen who commit suicide this year (it’s sad). Besides that, the night was okay it wasn’t the BEST MTV but I still enjoyed it. Drizzy Drake performed “Fancy” with Swizz Beatz and Mary J. Blige, and Bieber won the price of “Best new artist”!. We cannot forget Miss T.Swift who did a song (I think it was for K.West) and Mr. Kanye West himself perform his new single “Runaway”. Overall the show was good!

Lady Gaga’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres (Post MVA’s)


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