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Celebration of Canadian Music :JUNOS 2010 April 19, 2010

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 The  Young Money rapper Drake perform his new song “Over” (which is one of my favorite songs right now). I watching the performance and I was happy with what I saw since Dreezy Drake made a good performance but the crowd wasn’t really into it. He was so concentrated and in another world we could see that he was happy to be there and wanted to deliver a great performance.

This performance is nothing like the one he did at the Grammy’s 2010 with Lil’Wayne and Eminem. Drake as talent, he even won in the best “Rap Recording Album” so his mixtape “So Far Gone”.. He won for a mixtape?!? Really?? Yes he did. His first album is not even out yet…Woww.!!

Also, he performed with Justin Bieber……

Finally, Mr. Toronto Dreezy Drake as talent, hope he doesn’t go crazy with all fame he as….Can’t wait for the album to come out!!!!


K’Naan, I already made a post about him..But I need to say that he won awards too like “Songwriter of the Year”  for Wavin’ Flaag and “Artist of the Year”.

Canada’s as talent and we need to recognize it!!!

For more information on the winner go to:


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