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Did I already said that I love this Diva?!? April 9, 2010

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I’m just going to say it again  and again…I LOVE MISS MARY J BLIGE!:)

This is her new song featuring Jay Sean called “Each Tear”. It’s a powerful song, it made me think about life,problems ect… Oh ya..this is my new song that I have to include on my IPOd with the other Mary J’s songs that I have!

In each tear
there’s a lesson, (there’s a lesson)
Makes you wiser than before (wiser)
Makes you stronger than you know (stronger)
In each tear (each tear)
Brings you closer to your dreams
No mistake, no heartbreak
Can take away what your meant to be…

That’s my favorite part of the song…

You’re much more than a struggle that you go through
You’re not defined by your pain, so let it go…
You’re not a victim, you’re more like a winner
And you’re not in defeat, you’re more like a queen

Miss MJB is always representing for the ladies!!!

I need to see her in concert but WHEN?


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