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Why are you hating on my skinny jeans? March 16, 2010

Filed under: La Mode, Fashion,Colors and Style,Music,Music Videos — believeindream @ 9:16 pm

New song from “Your a Jerk boys”:) The New Boyz made a new song with Tyga from Young Money. I like the beat:)

Na, Na, Na, New Boyz
Na, Na, Na, Na, Tight Jeans
Oh my God, why they jeans so tight?
Like, Yeah I rock skinnys
Yeah I rock, Yeah, Yeah I rock skinnys {so what? }
If you got something to say then please step up
{Ooh, they like crickets too}


One Response to “Why are you hating on my skinny jeans?”

  1. Aiman Says:

    I loves the beat, this is a song I”d totally blast when I’m driving. The video was really nicely done too, i think my fav part is the silhouette of the skaters against the sunset – that’s pretty nice!

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