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Diddy we like you.. But you need to stop “Making Bands” January 21, 2010

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Sean “Puff Daddy or P.Diddy or Diddy” Combs is a mogul in the music industry. Everybody know him, he was behind the great Notorious B.I.G and did great things with him. Do you remember Hypnotize? Juicy? One More Chance? ect…. So, between 2000-2010, there was reality shows, there are funny, sometimes “stupid” but its all for entertainment. Why am I talking about reality shows is because mr Diddy (Mr. Bad Boy himself) created the show “Making the Band”. This show at the beggining was fresh, new and good but at the end it became annoying. I think there is at least 4 seasons (probably more..humm I’m not sure). The goal of this show is to create a group that will be on Bad Boy’s label and they will make a huge tour and sale albums. Ok, all that is beautiful..but the problem with this show is that the groups are making one or two albums and after we don’t hear from them. What’s wrong with these groups?

Here’s a list of Groups that were on “Making the Band”

1- Da Band- This group had potential!

Bad Boy this, Bad Boy That

2-Danity Kane-The girls had good songs-Show Stopper, Damaged, Poetry, Bad Girl, Phase ft Lil’Wayne ect..

Show Stopper ft Young Joc

Poetry (my favorite from them)

3-Day 26- Why is this group called Day 26? I like the song Co-Star. They also made a song with Young Joc “Imma put it on Her”

4-Dirty Money- Ok..i don’t understand the group. I know Dawn from Danity Kane, who is the other girl?……”It’s that Dirty Money”. Why Dirty Money??? —-Here is the answer—-

Love Come Down- I like the background. Diddy needs to stop making the same moves…PLEASE!!!!!

So……. BAD BOY BABY!!!! Diddy we like you…But I personally think he needs to stop creating bands and focus on one element his cloting line “Sean John” and continue managing Bad Boy Entertainment and producing artists….


2 Responses to “Diddy we like you.. But you need to stop “Making Bands””

  1. Ti Kimmy Says:

    I also think that Diddy should stay involved with his clothing line because unfortunaly all the bands he created ended up to not succeed or broke up within after 1 album. I guess he lost his touch he was so great before. I wonder what happen??? hum.

  2. believeindream Says:

    lololol I also wonder… hummm

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