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In 2009… January 1, 2010

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In 2009- there was the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States-Barack Obama (January 20th 2009)

In 2009- C.B went crazy on Riri..hummm no comments

In 2009- The King of Pop Michael Jackson died (it’s sad…R.I.P MJ..we miss you)

In 2009-At the Video Music Awards Taylor Swift won and Kanye West went crazy haha (still love him)

In 2009-Monica have a show on BET call “Still Standing” (the show is ok i guess.Why everydoby are trying to do a show about their lives?)

In 2009-Lady Gaga was suppose to go on tour with Kanye West but I guess after the Taylor Swift moment he decided to take a break. So, Gaga went on tour with Kid Cudi (it was a good concert)

In 2009- Rihanna Fenty aka Riri is coming back with a new sound, a new hair cut ect…Her new album “Rated R” is her therapy from the traumatic event she went through with C.Breezy (that’s how I see it). It includes songs featuring Young Jeezy and Will.I.Am

In 2009-Lady Gaga as a new album “The Fame Monster”, it includes Bad Romance..

In 2009-We miss Old School music, we are happy that Whitney Houston is back (finally!), we are tired of P.Diddy and his groups (The new one is-Dirty Money) but we like Day 26 and miss Danity Kane (my heart is damaged!)

In 2009-We are shocked that the Queen of Tv Miss Oprah Winfrey is retiring after 25 years.. we are going to miss her (we still don’t understand why Gayle is always with Oprah haha)

In 2009-We love Mo’Nique’s show and we love Miss Tyra Banks. We can’t forget..ELLEN D (she’s going to be a judge on American Idol it’s going to be funny:) )

In 2009-The music industry welcomed new faces: Melanie Fiona, Kid Cudi (not really but his first cd came out this year). Keri Hilson aka Miss Kery Baby!

In 2009- The collaborations in music were good (Flo-Rida ft Ne-yo, Fabolous ft Ryan Leslie & Keri Hilson…)

In 2009- We love the remix from the song “Arab Money” by Busta Rhymes featuring Ron Brownz, Akon, Lil’Wayne ect..

In 2009-We are not ashamed to say that we were listening to songs like “Party in the USA” by Miley Cirus and songs from Taylor Swift like : “White Horse”, “15” and “You Belong to Me”

In 2009- We don’t understand why Gucci Mane is going back to jail (Free Gucci)

In 2009- “Rebirth” the new album from Lil’Wayne was suppose to come out December 21rst but it has been pushed back AGAIN until February 2010. We hope the album is going to be like “The Carter 3”.

In 2009- Mario (Remember when he was younger he did a song called “Braid my Hair” or “Just a Friend”) he made a song with Gucci Mane and Sean Garrett (Who is he? lol). We love this collabo.

In 2009- Timbaland came out with his new album “Shock Value 2” featuring the amazaing song with Nelly Furtado and Soshy- “Morning After Dark”.

2009 was a crazy’s going to be better in 2010!

Goodbye 2009….Hello 2010…..


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