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Toni Braxton… November 22, 2009

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Okay here is what happened…I was looking for some songs from Toni Braxton on Youtube because I wanted to listen to “How could an Angel Break my heart” (classic). And, I saw that she made a song with… TREY SONGZ! Yes Mr. Trey Songz! Not so long ago I heard on the Wendy William show on BET (don’t ask me why I was listening to it haha) I saw a picture from Miss Toni and Trey kissing each other. I WAS IN TOTAL SHOCK! Here is what I saw on the show……

Clip from Wendy William’s Show

Now…..let me talk about the song. Her song is call “So Yesterday”, she is definitively BACK BACK BACK. I love her voice.  Is she back for real? or she’s going to disappear again? Remember she made a song with Baby called “Baby you can do It”? (I think she took it from someone else)  after that we never heard from her…Well I hope she stays because the music industry needs her…


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