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Give it up to me November 21, 2009

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Shakira is in the musical industry since the beginning of the 90’s. Now, in 2009 she as a new album :”She Wolf” which came out in October. The first single is “She Wolf” and now she as a new single featuring Lil’Wayne and  super producer Timabaland. The title of the song is “Give it up to me”. And, she prove d once again to the whole planet that she could DANCE:) (remember “Beautiful Liar” with Beyonce? ).  In this video, Shakira is doing “Step”, she’s good at it! She can do any type dance. WOW!

Her new video is ok.. Well it seems that she didn’t spent a lot of money for her video, it’s simple! Now.. LIL”WAYNE, why all these tatoos on his face? WHY? I know there was the “Misunderstood”, “I am Music”..but it seems that he as more tatoos lolol…It’s Wayne that’s the only the thing I can say.

The song is talking about working hard for what you want. (powerful) You have to set goals, and work to reach these goals by working hard, putting efforts in everything you do and PERSERVERANCE!

You can have it all
Anything you want you can make it yours
Anything you want in the world
Anything you want in the world
(Give it up to me)

Nothing too big or small
Anything you want you can make it yours….

P.S : i know it’s not the official video because I had problem posting it. So, here is her performance at David Letterman’s show. If you want to see watch the video go on


2 Responses to “Give it up to me”

  1. Suela Says:

    The article about shakira was well written.But to be honest I think that Shakira was doing good by herself.I feel like since she infiltrated Lil Wayne in her song, it is not the same.I know artists are trying to sell but they should not give up their real image and songs for billboard space.Shakira is naturally beautiful, half Arab and other half Spanish her talent comes from another place. Her first english album was good and the songs were listened by everyone.I don’t believe that she needs to have the main steam guy in her song to sell.Change is good but at times staying true to what you are may be best.

    • believeindream Says:

      I agree with your comment but I think that Weezy is bringing something good to the song. Also, change is good but not always because you have to stay true to yourself…

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