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Return of Chris Brown November 19, 2009

Filed under: Music Videos — believeindream @ 6:26 am

Swizz Beatz on the beat, Chris move your feets!

Yes, Chris B. keep on moving your feet and dance because the song well.. the background beat (it’s a typical Swizz beatz beat) and it doesn’t represent Chris at all.i think that the beat is good but NOT for Chris.. I know he tries and wants to come back in the industry but he can do MORE than that. I can transform ya?  Does it mean that he as changed? (you know what I’m talking need to explain).  That’s his second collaboration with Mr. Young Money Cash Money Lil’Wayne since he made “Gimme That” before so, I cannot complain with weezy’s verse the only  thing I have to say is: “It’s Lil’Wayne” LOL (nothing more nothing less).

When are we going to hear new songs from him? Personnally, that song could have been the second single and not the first one….


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