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Video Phone November 18, 2009

Filed under: Music Videos — believeindream @ 1:02 am

FINALLY! the new video from Miss Knowles and Miss Gaga is out!!!!:) Video Phone is the song from Beyonce’s album :”I am Sasha Fierce”.  The video is alright, I taught that it would be “fantastic” since both artists are popular nowadays. I am happy that they made a video together:). I don’t understand the concept of the video?!?!


4 Responses to “Video Phone”

  1. inmyskyvvys Says:

    je sais que tu l’aimes la fanm mais j’en ai ecouté une minute et huit segonde et la chanson est su

  2. believeindream Says:

    ya i know the video is not FANTASTIC.. but the song is okay

  3. medg007 Says:

    This was a nice featuring(beyoncé and lady gaga) but god the result is a mess!!!the song is……..don’t know what’s the point of a video phone but the video…..i was expected more especially from lady gaga since she’s controverse artist with good talent but in this video we totally lose her!because of beyoncé who tries to…….too much!!!

  4. believeindream Says:

    hahah! I know i thaught that the video was going to be amazing but I am really dissappointed

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