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Wow..too many people in that video! October 13, 2009

Filed under: Music Videos — believeindream @ 4:36 am

Forever is performed by Drake featuring Kanye West, Lil’Wayne and Eminem which are good artists I think. Okay, let`s talk about Mr. Drake…..Personally, I think he is a good rapper, he`s new and fresh. He is proving to the world that he is more than «Jimmy» from the tv show Degrassi. A lot of people love him and are waiting for his cd to come out. WOW WE LOVE DRAKE!

The song is nice I love the beat and each artists that are collaborating in it. I think the song is for LeBron James movie.

«It may not mean nothing to yall
But understand nothing was done for me
So I dont plan on stopping at all
I want this forever man……..»


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