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Confusion in the Notion of Privacy March 24, 2009

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The Internet can be used for entertainment or even to expose different parts of our lives. In class,we saw a video from a woman who was giving birth on YouTube (Internet) this is what we called “Unassisted Birth”. It is a new way to give birth. Also, it is a “tremendous cultural change” like the teacher said because before (even now) on my opinion giving birth should be something private that you share with your family. Now,there is a change that is due to the change of values.

Now, with YouTube, Blogs and even Facebook there is a confusion in what we call “privacy”. There is no privacy anymore because we can record every little parts of our day and put it on YouTube. Also, there is the Facebook phenomena where we can out pictures of everyhting that is happening in our daily lives. And, we have “friends” that can see them, so it is public. Everything that you put on Facebook is not private but public since you made the choice to put informations or pictures of yourself on it. For example, if someone “tag” a picture without asking you it can be seen as a violation of privacy, but you can “untagged” yourself (the picture that you “untagged” is stil going to stay on album picture of your “friend” so it is public since people can see it).

The notion of privacy as shifted to the notion of “public”. For example, the woman who gave birth to her daughter on YouTube (it is a “home made video”) is public because there is a huge number of views. Also, the teacher was saying before the “home videos” were private, they were only for the family but now the “home videos” are shared with the whole world this is what we call “amateur popular culture”. So,the child of the woman who have birth on the Internet, is interacting with the camera, he or she is socialized to interact with it. And, going on YouTube as become a normalize expectation, so going on Youtube and posting videos is “normal”.

Finally, there is a confusion in the notiin of privacy because everything becomes “public” there is no “privacy” anymore because everyone can film or even take pictures with their phones or cameras.

[critic of the video]
I chose to put the videos “25 things that I hate about Facebook” because I didn’t want to post the video from the “unassisted privacy since it is a bit disturbing. So, the Facebook video is very interesting because the young man talks about elements of Facebook that he doesn’t like. He is mentionning the “tagging of pictures” (number 18) wich is in link with what I wrote about the notion of privacy. This video is funny because some of the elements that he said are true and sometimes very annoying! Good Video and very Funny!!!!


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  1. Dr. Strangelove Says:

    Good thoughts, good effort!

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