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Genius Video! March 17, 2009

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There are many concepts that are related to popular culture. For example, there are the notions of reality and hyperreal. When we are talking about hyppereal we are automatically refering ourselves to Jean Baudrillard who said that “everything is manufactured” which means that the “meaning is dead”.

This notion can be related to images since in class the teacher said that “images becomes more important than meaning”. Personally, I think that to have meaning you have to get some visuals (images) for the reason that to understand something you have to get explanation that will give you meaning and with the infromations that you grasp you can relate it to images or visual.

In Grossberg book at page 225 it talks about image. The author says: “To appropriate, enjoy or invest in a particular style, image or set of images no longer necessarily implies any faith that such investments make a signficants (even affective) differences”. Also he mentions: “…we celebrate the affective ambiguity of images, images which are “well developed in their shallowness, fascinating in their emptiness.” (page 225)

These quotes are related to one of the video from Kanye West called: “Welcome to Heartbreak” featuring the rapper Kid Cudi. In this video, we can see many images, they are very ambiguous and bizarre but very interesting. Also, it makes it very different from the other videos for the reason that the choice of colour and effects are very complex. Moreover, it makes the video hard to understand.

And, it can also be related to the notion of hyppereal since “everything is manufactured” so it means that what we see is not true which not no sense to me.

[critic of the video]
I like this video because it is complex to understand. The complexity makes it fun to watch. I like the blend of colors and images. But, the concept of the song does not go with the lyrics of the song. The quality of the video is very good and the editing seems very well done. Nice video, I like it so Enjoy it!


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