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Politics and the Power of Music March 16, 2009

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The leaders in the political world all have their ways of telling the world their ideas and philosophies. Nowadays and even before, music was included in politics to make people think about the issues of their country.

In Lawrence Gossberg’s book named “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” at chapter 6 it talks about politics and economics. Politics can be related to music since there are songs that are made particularly for political campaign. It is a manner to get people attention about politics and leaders.

Also, in this chapter it is talking about two types of music which are Rock and Rap music. On page 137 it says: “There is nothing intrinsic to its [rock music] practices (including its place vis-a-vis the “mainstream”) that guarantees that it delivers its audience to a specific polotical position” (page:137). This quote is related to rock music like we mentionned in class “politics of rock cannot predict the political position” which is true since music can inspire to do something but it can tell you for who to vote for example. Moreover, for rap music it says:”Rap is perhaps the only place in comtemporary popular music where politics is and must be constantly marked” (page:152). Rap music is a type of music that can use many words to convey an opinion about politics or other elements in life. Like I already mentionned music can insipire someone to do something but it cannot influence you to vote for someone since people have their own opinions and their own way of thinking.

For example, there was the campaign for President Obama in 2008 and there was many songs to get people more specifically young people to vote. The rapper from the group Black Eyed Peas Will.I.Am created a song called “Yes We Can” which was a good idea. On my opinion young people can relate themsleves to the speech of President Obama because it is a message of hope and courage.

Yes, politics is an important aspect of our world but we have to vote for our leaders based on our own beliefs and ideas.

[critic of the video]
I like this video because it shows politics in a new way. It shows that music can be incorporated in everything to promote politics. The quality of the video is very good for the reason that we can hear the speech of President Obama that goes with famous singers or celebrities who are doing lypsinc. I like that it is in black and white since it seems like a video that didn’t cost a lot to do. Nice video and good way to promote politics!


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