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Privacy of the Room March 8, 2009

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In class we talked about many elements of popular culture.

One of the them was the notion of “privacy”. In the book of Lawrence Grossberg named: “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” at page 79 it is mention: Popular culture is always more than ideological; it provides sites of relaxation,privacy, pleasure, enjoyment, feeling good, fun, passion and emotion” (page:79). This quote shows that popular culture can produce different elements which is very interesting since it is not only an ideology or a theory.

There is a video on YouTube from a girl who is singing a song by the Punk/Rock band Green Day. It is related to the notion of privacy for the reason that she is in her room (or it seems like she is in her room) and she is singing. Like the teacher said in class :”Privay creates place where we can do everything and there is no compliance with the social norms”. So, it means that when we are in our “privacy” we can do everything we want without being judged. Also, Dr Stangelove said that as a social norm (what we do ) is not acceptable to the eyes of the society. But, in this case in the video we (the audience/public of YouTube) see her in her “privacy” so, it is not private anymore it becomes something “public” since everyone can see it.

[critic of the video]
The video is good, we can see that the girl as fun with it. Personally, I think that she should have put a Green Day t-shirt it misses something, she should have put black eyeliner! The quality of the video is acceptable, it misses light in the background!


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