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Emotions March 8, 2009

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Affect is a concept that is mentionned in Grossberg book (We Gotta get Out of This Place). This concept is related to feelings and emotions. The author states: ” Affect is closely tied to what we often describe as the “feeling” of life” (page:80). Moreover, in the same page it says: “Affect is a plane of effects, a matter ” actualization, effectuation, practices…an ability to affect and to be affected” (page:80).

Also, affect can be related to poetry. Poetry is an element of arts that is link to emotions, choice of words. It is very powerful since it can affect people since someone is telling a story with a lot of emotions. For example, there is a video from “Def Poetry Jam” where artists or people are telling poetry/story. There is a video from the R&B singer Alicia Keys, where she tells a poem named “Power of Words” (P.O.W). We can perceive in this video, that she is saying her poem and is into the character of a prisonner. And, there are many emotions anfd feelings that comes from it.

[critic of the video]
It is a very good poem. Miss Keys is very great at what she does, but in this video we can see that she can do other things than only singing. I like the concept of making poetry. I think there should be more poetry since it is a way to tell emotions and say what you feel! Nice concept!


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