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Education?!? March 1, 2009

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During class, we were looking at videos of Bell Hooks who is a female scholar who was doing a criticism about Popular Culture. She was talking about education and critical thinking. Hooks was saying that education is important but there is a difference in class culture, she was referring herself to Harlem and when she was teaching at Yale University.

Hooks was saying if you tell poor people that “you’re not good” they are going to think they are not good, but there are tools available for them to gain skills. Also if they have someone to tell them that they are good, well they will work hard for what they want to accomplish.

Also, related to that, Dr. Strangelove was saying that “education at the university level is important for the reason that it gives students critical thinking and an opening of the mind and self”. It is true that education gives us an opening of the mind since we have to be able to agree and disagree with people by giving arguments and reasons why we agree or do not agree. University, is a way for us students to work with tools to improve our arguments since we are learning theories.

Yes, I believe that education is very important if we want to become someone in the future.


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