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Does Media Controls Our Way of Thinking? March 1, 2009

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The Agenda –Setting theory from Cohen states : “The press may not be successful much of the time in telling people what to think, but it is stunningly successful in telling its readers what to think about.” (Cohen, 1963) [Information taken from University of Netherlands named: University of Twenty].

This brings us to the question does media as control over our imagination or our way of thinking? Like we were saying in class, media produces a conscious manipulation because for example, we can watch television and see a new Ipod or any new products and we are saying ourselves..”Oh I want this new Ipod!”. But, we already have an Ipod, this example is in direct link with the capitalist system or how the economic system produce us. We always want more that we already have!

There was a video called : “Read a Book” which is a “controversial, provocative and the imagery is offensive” like the reporter of CNN who made the interview with the producers of this rap song would say. This song was created to make young people see that education is important and we are nothing without it. Moreover, it is related to the Agenda-Setting theory since adoslescents who will see this video can be influenced by the offensive lyrics or young girls can be influenced to act like the woman who is dancing. In addition, this rap song is contreversial but still is a message for young people to read a book instead of always playing video games for example.

Media/Press can influence our way of thinking but personnaly, I think that media cannot tell us what to think since we already have an opinion and ideas. But, the media/press can give ideas to reinforce our opinion.

[critic of the video]
This video a about a but that tell is opinion about the “Rap a Book” video”.The quality of this video is a little bit poor but at least the sound is good!


One Response to “Does Media Controls Our Way of Thinking?”

  1. shanblan12 Says:

    I do agree that capitalism tries to persusde us into the market place and be consumers through communications mediums such as the television. However, I also think that becasue of the internet capitalism is losing some of its contol over the public since there are no commercials on the internet that are able to persude us to buy.

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