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Promotion of Music:There is sometimes too much promotion February 15, 2009

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In the music industry there is a lot of promotion of new artists and music. But, sometimes there is too much promotion. We can hear a song in the radio at least 3 or more) times a day.

Personally, I think that making promotion for a new upcoming artist is good he/she will be known by people. But when you hear that same song many times during the day, it is getting a little bit boring for the reason that it seems that it is the only song that we hear!!!!

The concept of music promotion is related page :80 of Goodwin`s book where it says: «…pop music is also based on a high degree of repetition across media site, so that any current songs can be heard on the radio, on our stereos, on television, and at the cinema» (page:80).

The song from «I Kissed a Girl» from Katy Perry is a song that we heard a lot on the radio over the summer or even nowadays we still hear it. This song get stuck in our heads since the chorus is very catchy and easy to remember!

[critic of the video]
The concept of the video could be better since we see a lot of girls in lingerie.The video is normal but not the best pop video. The quality of the video is acceptable personally, this song is a “fun” song the concept is not very original because at the last seconds of the video we see Katy Perry in her bed and she wakes up because she had a dream of her kissing a girl. It misses a little something.


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