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Product Placement February 15, 2009

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kanye-picsIn the music world, there are many elements,objects that we the viewers/audience which to have. Every videos or most of them have products that they are selling which can be called «product placement».

Product placement is a topic that we can observe in chapter 4 of Goodwin`s book (Dancing in the Distraction Factory). The author says: «…forms and commodity promotion into the video clip-a paractice that clearly devotails with the business of «product placement» (page:94).

For example, nowadays there is an accessory that we can see in videos from Kanye West (more specifically the one with Young Jeezy named :«Put On») or even the video where we can see the rapper Lil`Wayne in Kevin Rudolph «Let it Rock» video…this accessory is a scarf that comes in every colour.  We can`t pass a day without seeing someone wearing one of these scarves..

Personally, I think that it is a good product placement for the reason that everyone as one of them and right know this scraf is popular and fashionable.


One Response to “Product Placement”

  1. joeadamfry Says:

    Interesting Post. Some good points…Kanye West is a good example. Recently wrote a post on product placement with Prof. Chris Hackley

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