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Pop music- New songs??? February 15, 2009

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Popular music is a type of music that will always be popular. We can always hear it on the radio or even we can think that the song is a new one, but it is not true since the artist took the beat from another artist. This is something that we see often nowadays in the music industry.

On chapter 4 of Andrew Goodwin`s book, there is a part of the chapter that mentions how pop songs are repititive in «3 levels: within songs, between songs, and accross media sites» (page:79).

Also, it says :«..pop songs are also repetitive in their resemblance to other pop songs, drawing almost identical lyrics, melodies, riffs, rhythms, and styles of performance» (page:79).

This quote is in relation to a song from the popular singer Madonna called : «Hung Up». We can see that the background melody or the beat is originally from the goup ABBA who was popular at the Disco period. Madonna took the melody from ABBA`s song named: «Gimme, Gimme,Gimme (A Man After Midnight)». We can also, see this same phenomena in the Canadian rapper/singer Kardinal Offishal who made a song with the R&B singer Keri Hilson named: «Tide is High-Numba 1». In this particular example, we can observe that the title of the song and even the background melody of it was originally from the singer Blondie. She made a song called : «The Tide is High».

[critic of the video]
It is a good amateur video the camera wasn’t realy moving it seems professional. The technical effects and colors in this video are very good. I like this song from Madonna since it is a song that can make you move and dance. Also, Madonna is a great artist since she always creating something new.


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