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Lyrics and Imagery February 15, 2009

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All music videos have a concept that is related to the lyrics of a song. A video that does not have a concept can be confusing and weird. So, a video should have a concept that is link to the lyrics of the songs.

In Andrew Goodwin`s book on the chapter of «The Structure of Music Video» it says: «This idea needs to be related to the music, as well as the song`s lyrical message, but it should be clear that visual images do indeed tend to follow a musical logic» (page: 86).

The video for the song «Beautiful» from Christina Aguilera demonstrates perfectly well how the lyrics are related to the concept of the video. It shows how people can be beautiful even if they have food diseases or if they are gay or lesbian. The main message of this video is when Christina says: «We are beautiful in every single way» or «We are beautiful no matter what they say…words can`t bring us down..»

[critic of the video]
This video is very good since it shows problems of everyday life. People can relate to this video. The lyrics are very powerful. The quality of the video is good since it shows that people can “beautiful” even if they are gay or lesbian. It is a nice concept and it is one of the best song that Christina Aguilera did.


One Response to “Lyrics and Imagery”

  1. shanblan12 Says:

    I agree, I wrote a blog on something very similar to this. I think that Artists’ are trying to make music videos as another way to make money and so most of the time the lyrics don’t even match the actual story line of the song!

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