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Live Performance February 15, 2009

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Who ever went to a concert? a music concert? It is the best experience since you are hearing your favorite songs from an artist that you appreciate a lot.

This is in direct link with to concept of «direct address» that is explained on page 78 of Goodwin`s book. He says :«…the direct address is intended to mirror the codes of lives performance, where singers sing directly to the concert hall audience» (page:78).

The artist is talking or singing directly to his/her fans (audience/viewers). For example, when Lil`Wayne came to Montreal, January 14 to perform he did many songs from his latest successful album «The Carter III». Also, he did some songs from «The Carter II» cd. Lil’Wayne did one called «Fireman» where we can see him talking directly to his audience. At the beginning of the song he is saying: «When I say More…You say fire..».

It is a good example of «direct address» since Lil`Wayne is talking directly to the audience/fans.

[critic of the video]
This is an amateur video that was made by “fans” of Lil’Wayne. The quality of the video is bizarre since it is shaking/moving a little bit. The sound is acceptable and we can see the lighting of the scene which is good since there is a lot of colours that were matching the song. There are effects, like the fire because he is singing “Fireman” from “The Carter II” album.


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