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Madonna Phenomena-Cool or Not Cool? February 8, 2009

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Madonna is a great and innovative singer/performer.  She is in the music industry since the 1980’s.  In class, we were talking about her and the music videos that she made. We talked about “Material Girl” and “Justify my Love”.

In Goodwin’s book more precisely on chapter there is a part on Madonna. The author says about “Material Girl” :”Material Girl has thus been read as if its central motif (the femme fatale who uses men to gain wealth and power) is  conterminous with Madonna herself precisely because this is one of many images Madonna has portrayed in the promotion of her music” (page:101). Also, on page 100, it says “….culminating in a maturing change of gear when she became a controversial “artist”.

Madonna, is a controversial artist since she made a lot of “crazy” videos. Personally, I think that the “Madonna Phenomena” is coool. The reasons why she is popular today is because she is innovative and is always creating new things. She is still touring and she is in her 50’s for example her last tour is for the promotion of her latest cd “Hard Candy”.

[Critic of the Video]
I like the concept of the video. She is showing the “Material Girl” is different ways. Also, the song is really good. And, there are a many costumes and nice colours.


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