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Crank that “Mini-Me” February 8, 2009

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This amateur video shows two guys dancing on the song “Crank Dat Mini Me”. Originally, the song is from the rapper SouljaBoy, the song is called “Crank that SouljaBoy” and, in this video we can observe young people dancing.

I chose this video for the reason that it is an amateur video and it is part of Popular Culture. Dance is a big part of Pop culture and music videos since the dance moves are related to the lyrics of the song. Lyrics make imagery more specifically in Goodwin’s book where he is talking about the concept of illustration, which is one of the three kinds of relations between of relations between songs and videos. He says: “I refer to those clips in which the visual narrative tells the story of the song lyric ” (Page: 86).

[Critic of the Video]
In this particular video, we can observe two boys who are dancing in their living room (well, it seems that it is in a living room). The dance is funny and original since it is related to the lyrics of “Crank that Mini Me” and we can see the boy at the right who is doing the “mini me” or trying to do it. Also, the quality of the video is not really good, we cannot hear the music very well since it seems far.

Moreover, there are a lot of “new” dances that were created after the SouljaBoy’s song like for example: “Crank dat Batman” , “Crank dat Lion King” ect…


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