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Consumers February 2, 2009

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In class, we were having a discussion about the economic system.

Today, the economic system as many problems like the recession for example.  The teacher was talking about how the economic system produce us. I think it is true because we as, students or individuals are consuming a lot of things like: IPod, clothes,shoes,IPod Touch…. He also said that the media system company expands itself to retail. A good example that can be related to this, is “Hannah Montana/Miley Cirus”.  “Hannah Montana” is a show for kids/teenagers that is playing on the Disney channel. Everywhere we can see DVD, bags and even notebooks from Hannah Montana since she is very popular nowadays.

With this example, we can see that the media system which can be seen as the show, expands itself to retails which are all the clothes, bags..that are seliing from “Hannah Montana”. Moreover, I can add another example, SpongeBob SquarePants who has also a show on Disney Channel and also in stores we can see a lot of things that are selling from SpongeBob.


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