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Like A Boy February 1, 2009

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In the second chapter of the book: “Dancing in the Distraction Factory”  the author states: “Dance as an assetive act linked to protofeminist lyrics may also work as ” acces signs” or “discovery signs” providing for either female appropriation of male movements…….” (Page:69).

The element that is relevant this quote is “providing for either female appropriation of male movements” , it made me think about a music video from a female singer named Ciara, the title of the song is “Like a Boy” where we can observe throughout all the video she is dancing like a boy and even acting like a boy. It seems like if Ciara is having another personality even her dancers that are all girls are acting like boys since it is the main concept of  the video.

[Critic of Video]
I like the idea of the Ciara’s video because it is an original idea. At the beginning of the video we can observe two Ciara: one girl and the other one is a boy it is very fun since there are different dance movements. When she is like a boy, she seems like Michael Jackson in the video “Smooth Criminal” with the hat. On the other hand, there is a girl who is dress with a nice dress like a “normal” girl! Good Video!!!!:)


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